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After achieving his Bachelor of Arts in business administration and management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota, Tony Demma accepted a management trainee position with ABF Freight Systems. He was transferred around the country and immersed in the crucial mechanisms of logistics as part of his training. That position set the course for the rest of his career.
Following seven years with ABF as district sales manager, Demma accepted a regional manager position with Robert’s Express, which was soon bought out by FedEx Custom Critical. Demma spent six years with FedEx before accepting a position in California, a decision partly driven by his wife’s health.

Shortly after moving to Valencia, California for the new job, Demma’s new employer went under. The move was not wasted, though, because Demma had already built enough relationships with colleagues and clients to take the leap of starting his own business. In 2006, Tony Demma launched Accurate Freight Systems out of the ashes of his previous employer and on the foundation of years of experience in the freight industry.

Utilizing my strengths from my previous jobs, we were able to help local companies by providing inbound freight management and just-in-time transportation services,” said Demma. “We were also able to reduce transportation costs by meeting critical deadlines and using multiple options and systems that weren’t previously prevalent.

Tony’s goal for the future is to keep the business on its toes. The economy will shift, and clients’ needs will evolve. He’s always looking for ways he can keep Accurate ahead of the curve.

We started converting our business to utilize our strengths, to manage and adapt to the changing economy. This means relying more on our fulfillment services and ecommerce platforms in addition to our transportation acumen.